Saturday, July 18, 2009


OK. Well, I have really good new and lots to think about. Last night, I fell asleep around three thirty because Sarah was talking to Rebecka and I about some problems that she's having in my room. I thought listening to her and Rebecka was more important than sleep. So, this morning I skipped lecture because I knew I needed more sleep for the test. After I took a shower and got ready, I worked on the practice test for a little more than an hour, but didn't finish it. Of course, I was all nervous about it because of last test. I was a little nervous that I had enough time to take it because I only have myself two hours. The TA's said that this test would be longer and harder than last test. I wanted to give myself two and a half hours because the last test took me two hours.

When I was taking the test, I became really comfortable with it. When I walked down the stairs and looked at the TV that tells the students their test scores, I saw that I got an 88 percent!!!!!! I'm totally stoked because that's the kind of grades I got in Spokane. It's probably going to get higher because of the written portion. I'm totally happy. This is my second highest grade that I have received at BYU. The highest grade that I received here was for my first test in Neuroscience. Then, all of my tests went downhill from there.

Well, I talked to Roberto about Gold's Gym. They are going to start having classes there every Tuesday and Thursday. I totally want to do it; however, I need to talk to dad first. It will cost 50 dollars to sign up and then thirty dollars a month. So, if I start doing that it will cost me 80 dollars a month. However, I'd be getting such a great deal because Roberto would be training and teaching me there along with the other guys. He said that personal trainers there charge at least 100 dollars an hour. I really want to do this because I've been wanting to train everyday since I started. Sarah says that Gold's Gym lock you into a two year contract though. She said I might get overwhelmed during the fall. I don't think I could cook anymore because I wouldn't have time. I already don't have time to cook that much. I really hope that Dad will agree with this. I going to call him tomorrow and talk with him about it.

I really need to go to bed because I have my first tournament tomorrow. I really hope I'll do well in it. The website says that it will last all day. I'm going to call them to make sure they have a woman's division and see when that will start. I'm sad it's all way in Salt Lake. I wish I was car pooling with someone because of gas money. Gerr. I wish money and time wasn't an issue. I'm just really into BJJ right now. I'm pretty sure I will keep with it a year from now because of how obsessed I am with it. Hopefully, everything will turn out for the best.

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