Friday, July 31, 2009

200th Post!!!

I'm writing early today because tonight I'm going to be camping. I'm totally excited because this will be my first time for this summer. I love camping. It's going to be weird because I won't have my sleeping bag or a pad to sleep on. I'm just hoping the the grass is going to be comfy. I know sleeping without a pad is really uncomfortable. So, it's hard to fall asleep. Backpacking pads aren't that comfy either.

Mom left this morning. I miss her already. She's going to visit the Bowden's in Livingston, Montana who are family friends of ours. They are the only lasting friends that my parents made while in Montana. They are such a wonderful family.

Well, this is the 200th post. That's pretty cool. I've been writing for three months now, mostly about BJJ. I'm in love with BJJ and think that it's so fun, it's hard for me not to think and write about it all time time. It's so bad that when I get done writing about what I did during class, I get really excited and lay awake in bed. I think more people are reading this blog. I don't really know though because I didn't have anything keep track before this month. If I didn't have those things telling who is visiting, I would have though that no one reads this blog because of the lack of commentary.

Chuck is going to fight tonight. I wished him luck on Facebook. I think it would be lots of fun to watch the fights. However, I'd much rather go camping instead.

Well, I need to do my homework before camping. I still need to pack my bag. I feel better about the written portion of the test because my TA went through an example just like it on the test. Plus, the written homework that we did in class is just like the written portion too. My foot is freezing because I'm icing it right now. It was bothering me when walking on it. Normally when I ice it, I just lay it on my foot, so I don't really feel anything. Right now, I putting pressure on in with my other leg. Now, my foot is freezing. That's a good thing though because it's suppose feel really cold when being iced. It's just my big toe knuckle is really sore. It doesn't like bending or being touched. It's a pain when something bothers me like this. One doesn't like feeling pain. I didn't mind always covering that mat burn because it didn't hurt. It's bothers me whenever I walk, but it's better if I wear my tennis shoes.

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