Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Swim Lesson from Mom

I had a good day today even though I didn't get through Monday's lecture. Ya, after talking to Mom about my classes yesterday, I think I'm going to only take two hard classes during fall. They are Molecular Biology and O-Chem. I was thinking about taking a class for my major, but was getting really nervous about it. I don't want to have another spring term. Last winter, I took eight credits which was O-chem, an introductory neuroscience class, and the second part of the Book of Mormon. I handled it pretty well. I played and goofed around in the middle of the semester until the last few week. My grades were keeping going down, so I put went into full gear. So, I got a B plus in my BOM class and two B minuses. That was alright.

I'm just worried that I'd be overwhelmed if I took three classes during the fall because of O-chem and MMBio. I know both are going to be really hard classes. I'm pretty sure that major class will be harder than the BOM class too. I don't want to stress out too badly with grades. Plus, I still want to have fun with BJJ. Mom says it's fine that I could take just two classes. I feel sort of bad because pretty much everyone else can take twice as many classes or a little more and do fine. However, I've always been like this with my schooling. I have to work twice as hard and put twice the effort than everyone else. I noticed that in high school, but I didn't notice it at SCC. I was really smart at SCC. Now, I'm your average student at BYU.

Mom taught me how to swim tonight. I'm going to call freestyle the crawl because it's the same thing. That's how Mom calls it. Plus, I called it by that name my whole life, plus I like the name better. It's like calling the Cougar, a Mountain Lion. That's what everyone called it in Montana. Mom taught me to focus on reaching with my left hand. I kept on slapping the water with it instead of reaching. Then, I need to work on my flutter kick. I just need to focus on using the whole leg instead of just kicking. Finally, I need to focus not lifting my whole shoulder when I breathe. Then, I will be less squirmy. It was hard focusing on those three things while still trying to breathe. However, it felt much better and used less energy by the time the pool closed. Now, I can do a three strokes then breathe, instead of breathing every other stroke. I was keeping swallowing air which made me burp. When I worked on not lifting my shoulder, I swallowed water a couple times. Mom says that I'm doing better than Rhea because she can do a two to four breathes and stops because she gets confused. Mom had fun teaching me.

Oh ya. When I took a nap today, Roberto was in my dream. I remember that he noticed that I was improving. Then, he said that's because I was overtraining which is a bad thing. I didn't like that. I'm just glad that I'm getting into better shape. I can tell that my cardio is getting better from because when I used a lot of power with Pinky on Friday, I didn't get winded out like when I first started BJJ. I'm thinking that I may be pretty strong, but get tired pretty quickly relatively speaking. However, Pinky kept on taking a water break when working with him yesterday. So, I did some crunches until he came back.

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