Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Almost Passed Out

I need to get to bed. However, I want to write about BJJ. I had so much fun today. I first want to tell you that my mom is here visiting for a week?? Actually, I don't know how long she's going to be here. It's really nice to see her because Utah is so far away from Washington. Thus, I never get to see my family. I'm very happy that she's going to watch me in BJJ class on Wednesday.

Anyways, I had so much fun sparring today. I just realized that's when I love class the most. I feel really proud and happy when I last a long time with the guys. All of my matches lasted a good while except one with Mark. He got me in a triangle which I couldn't get out of. When I was it it, I lifted him up and slammed him. I didn't really do that on purpose because I know that's dangerous. I tried so hard to get out of it, but couldn't. Afterwards, Roberto said that we're not suppose to do that. I said that I was sorry.

I lasted particularly well when I sparred with Cory. Normally, I can't escape when he tries to submit me. However, today I escaped an armbar and put up a good fight. I handled Mark pretty well by getting on to his mount. I can never stay on mount for very long though. He got me in another triangle though. Every time I get into one, I try to grab on to their head. I've only done did that with Pinky today. However, I didn't really work. My best defense is ducking when they try to triangle me. That exposes my arms and sometimes they get me with an armbar. I'm getting really good at defending, but I still suck on the finishing moves. However, that's what Roberto wants it to be. I still haven't beaten anyone with an arm bar or a triangle. The only moves that I'm comfortable with is a key lock and some chokes. That's it. Everything else is defending from getting choked, armbarred, and wrist locked.

I had two really good sparring matches with Roberto today. I was the only person that he really rolled around with. The second time he sparred with everyone, he beat them quickly except me. I tried so hard to last with him. Actually, I almost passed out when he choked me. I normally tap out if I can't breathe or hurt too much with a choke. I didn't realize that it was a blood choke after he let go and went into a better position. I was instantly lightheaded and tingly all over. I'm just so glad that I'm getting better because for awhile it seemed like that I wasn't.
When sparring with Roberto, I tried shooting with him, but it didn't work. I shot twice with Mark. However, he got me into his guard every time. I can tell that Mark really relies on getting people into his guard and then, his triangle. The first time I sparred with Roberto, he started slapping me. This time, I became way more aggressive and attacked. It's pretty cool that I'm becoming more aggressive because before I didn't want to hurt anyone.

One more thing, I'm getting submitted from mount a lot less now, which is so cool. Today, Pinky tried to submit me with a choke, but gave up. If he would have held a couple more seconds, I would have tapped. Then, he ask me why that didn't work. I told him that I have a strong neck. Ha, ha. The first time I sparred with Mark, Roberto made us stop because he wasn't doing anything on my mount. I really tried to get him off by sweeping him. All of these guys are hard to sweep from mount. The guys at the BYU club were easy compared to them. I just want to come to a level where I can give all the guys a run for their money.

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