Friday, July 31, 2009

The Mayan

Man, my big toe knuckle has been sore all day. I was bothering me when I walked to and from class today. I guess it's a good thing that I don't have class tomorrow. Plus, I'll have more time to catch up on stats. I'm not looking forwards to this next test because it's going to be longer and more complicated than the last one. I need to go to bed earlier tonight. Last night, I only got six hours of sleep because I laid in my bed for a half an hour. So, my brain didn't want to go this morning. Plus, I snoozed a little through the test review. I just need to go through yesterday's and tomorrow's lecture by Monday. Hopefully, I can go through the practice test too, that's really pushing it though.

Rebecka, Preston, Sarah, Mom, and I all went to the Mayan tonight for dinner. I thought it would be better because of Rhea's description. I thought that the show was going to be better. Instead, we just watched some divers dressed in loincloths dive into a small pool. I'm not saying that it wasn't entertaining though. There were lots of kids who thought watching the divers and getting splashed by them was really cool. Some of the dives they did were really high. The highest is 45 feet. The diver was up into the rafters. I couldn't do that for the life of me. The divers dove off of a rock face which looked pretty cool. They had good lighting and water running off the rock face. Sometimes, the water would run faster while they dived. It was pretty cool. It looked like that there were tress around us. We were on the bottom floor. I was really digging the music mostly because of the drums. The food was good, but I thought that the chips tasted the best. The chips were served while we waited for our food to come. So, one would think the main course would be better.

I was thinking a little more about BJJ vs Goju-Ryu today. I told them that Roberto says that BJJ is the best style out there as we were driving home from the Mayan. They said that every instructor will tell their students that. Sensei Chinen definitely told us that we was the ultimate source of Goju-Ryu. I heard from black belts in my old dojo that they really liked it because the style is well balanced. I'm very glad of my Goju-Ryu training because it taught me how to strike and control them properly. I know the all the proper mechanics and basics of punching and kicking. I just need to learn how to apply them.

I just wonder who would win if Roberto and Sensei Villa came and fought each other. I wouldn't be surprised that Roberto would take Sensei Villa down and choke him pretty fast. However, I forget how good Sense Villa is on the ground. I know that he told Levi that he knew Levi was better on the ground than him. Roberto would have to take Sensei Villa on the ground to take him out because Sensei Villa has tons more experience with striking than Roberto. When Sensei Villa was younger, he'd became the best tournament fighter in the whole Northwest. Sensei Villa has gobs and gobs of trophies. I mean they covered the whole back wall in the back room with the mats. I wonder if Roberto has any trophies like that. I know that he started fighting when he was sixteen years old. Well, I can say that BJJ is better for me than Goju-Ryu that's for sure. I just feel more at home on the ground than on my feet.

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