Monday, July 20, 2009

Of Course I Cried

Well, I had fun today at BJJ. When I first started class, I was in a bad mood because I want to train every day and was tired. I didn't want to run around the dojo ten times and do twenty push-ups. Then, I worked with Cory. We we drilling that I would get him escape guard while I tried to get work on a triangle, choke, or a armbar. However, he's so much stronger than me that I have really hard time defending. Then, we switched. So, I was trying to get out of his guard my standing up and getting a knee between his legs, however; he sat me back down by pressing his legs against my knees. He said that I cannot have my legs close together like that. I need to ask Roberto how to do that if Cory can just sit be back down. I didn't know how to get them far apart while trying to get a knee in. After a couple times, I nose started to bleed a little because of my nose rubbed against Cory's arm. I was in no mood to deal with a bloody nose. Good thing it was a little one.

Then, we worked on a choke from standing up. It's sort of like a shim, but we jump on the guy. Cory grabbed hold of my lapel. Then, I take a small step to so I can duck under his arm. Then, I shoot up, put my head a little backward, and drive towards his side. At first, I had trouble breaking his grip. Then, I caught the hang of it. Then, I put my left knee near his chest, grab on around his neck, and launch myself with my other foot. The first time Cory did that to me, he slid right off of me and landed hard on his back. However, he still choked me.

Afterwards, everyone got to spar in a circle except me. However, I was the first one to start when we went around in a circle between Pinky, Cory, and I. After awhile, Pablo came and joined us. I suck because I always lose. Cory always wins, so he gets to grapple the longest which is a little no fair. However, it's good to get him tired. He only lost to Roberto a few times. I got to spar with Roberto twice today. Cory, Roberto, and Pablo is keeping trying to choke me with my gi while standing up. I did pretty well against Roberto. He made me happy because I didn't go out quickly. I just love sparring with him. I just realized today that Roberto likes to give my arm up by doing something painful to me. When I was sparring with Cory, I was on my stomach while he was on my back. I was surprised that he didn't come in and choke me from the behind. Instead, he attacked my back instead so I can give up my arm. When I was sparring with Pablo, he tried to choke me with my gi on the ground. However, my lapel was on my face instead of around my neck. He tired really hard to choke me by trying different ways. I was hurting because my ear was folded over under my gi. It was going the wrong way when he kept on trying to choke me. I didn't like that because it hurt. I didn't want to tap out though. I did pretty well against him. He finally got me in an armbar. When I sparred with Cory, somehow my head got between his thighs. I almost tapped out because he was crushing my head. However, he isolated my arm and barred it instead. BJJ in can be painful.

We ended class an hour early. Roberto said that we will start at five and end at eight instead of nine. I started crying when he talked about Gold's Gym. After class, he asked if I my dad said yes. I shook my head no and started crying again. We went into his office. I told him that my dad wants me to focus on school. I wanted to talk to him more after he talked to Cory and Pablo; however, the chance never came up. He said to relax and have patience. He said I'll eventually join them. I want to ask him more about the classes because he said it will start in January. Plus, he said that he's working towards that they'll be free for all of us. I just didn't talk that much around the Pinky and his friend because he Roberto talked to me a little about it, I wanted to cry again. Ugg. I knew I would do this. So hopefully, I can talk to Roberto more about it on Wednesday. It's just going to kill me when the class start up and I won't be able to be there. :( Like I said, I'm in love with BJJ. However, probably it's a good thing right now because I need to catch up a little on stats. I meant to go through the whole lecture that was on Friday. However, I ran out of time. Hopefully, I can catch up tomorrow.

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