Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Yellow Belt

Now, I'm officially a yellow belt. Yay. It really needs to be softened because my belt looks like a helicopter. I'm one of the lowest belts now because Tazz received a green belt, Nick and Zack received orange. I knew that already though because I always get beaten. Well, I'm practicing and trying my best to learn. It's going to take awhile. I asked Roberto if a blue belt in BJJ is equivalent a black belt in any other martial art. He said yes. However, I think getting to a blue belt doesn't take four to five years. I have to ask him though. However, the classes were only an hour and a half in my old dojo. One could still go three days a week. One can go more if they go in the mornings and do sparring too.

I was just looking through a photo album that was taken at my old dojo. It was during that Gasshuku that was happening when I cam up to Spokane for Evan's graduation. It was really nice seeing pictures of everyone. I was thinking that my training is 10 times better now than what it was. I work very hard and have lots of fun there. I know that I suck; but I've only just begun. I love three hour long classes. They are wonderful because we can do so much in them. The hour and a half wasn't that much because we spent 20 minutes stretching and warming up. We did so many drills and kata; however, I didn't know to to apply it in a real situation. I mean I know how to punch and kick. I know all the basics and stances. However, I really suck at sparring. With BJJ, it's the real thing where your partner is resisting 100 percent.

Since we received our belts, at the end of class we lined up by rank. However, Roberto had the highest on the left side instead of the right. He does things backwards. I'm so used to the highest belts being lined up on the right that it's really weird. I'm getting better at sezia. For the past week, it hasn't been hurting when I sit in it. I'm so glad because I hate sitting and enduring the pain. That means that my ankles are getting more flexible. Yay!!! I did 475 crunches today. I'm so glad that my abs are getting stronger. I can really notice now because my real push-ups are better. I noticed that if I support my lower back when doing leg lifts, I don't move at all. However, I still move backwards if I don't support it. I'm so happy that I'm getting into better shape. I just need to keep it up.

I found out there's a tournament on Saturday. It will cost 20 dollars. So, I'm going to return those weights 10 pound weights that I bought and use the money for the tournament. I'm excited for the tournament because I haven't been in one yet. So, hopefully I'll be successful. However, that does put a dent into my Saturday because I need to catch up on my lectures. I'm a lesson behind right now. It's hard to do lessons on the weekends because I'm so busy. That's how I'm a little behind. I planning on finishing Monday's lecture, go through today's lecture, finish my homework, and take the practice test tomorrow. I need to take that test on Friday before BJJ. I just really hope that do that and get everything done. I'm torn what to do Friday night because there's a bond fire at nine. BJJ ends at nine. I guess I could always leave early. However, I know that I will not want too. Maybe, I could just meet them there where they are having the bonfire.

I relaxed more today. I fought really well against Chuck. He only won against me because he somehow prevented me to breathe by placing my arm between his chest and my chest. He said it was a pretty cheap way to win. When we sparred, we rolled for quite awhile because I relaxed and didn't flip out. That was really cool because I got out of a couple arm bars. I think with one of them he let me. I really researched on the internet yesterday about not tensing and relaxing. They said it's better to relax so one doesn't get tired so quickly. I noticed a difference which is a good thing.

I noticed that when I didn't flip out or use muscle, I saw things a little more clearly. I tried fighting that way with Dan and Cory; however, they are just too good. Cory, Tazz, Dan, and I were all sparring the person who won. Dan was keeping winning. Roberto says that we should jump on him the second the other guys taps out. When I saw that Tazz tapped out, I was across the dojo. It was suppose to be Cory's turn, but Roberto sent me back because they were talking to each other. So, I ran to attack him. However, Dan made me lose my balance and land on my knee hard. That really hurt!!! So, I'm icing it right now. One submission that Dan did was really cheap because he locked my fingers. I don't know if that's allowed or not. I don't know how to beat him because he's so heavy. I can't move if he lays on me. However, he's a blue belt too. I'm learning, it's just taking awhile.

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