Monday, July 13, 2009

Testing Part 2 and UFC 100

I hate feeling overwhelmed because I automatically stress. I'm stressed because I have to go through two lectures and a homework by Tuesday. I need to cook something for my dinners for the week. I need to do laundry tomorrow too. I need to do talk to Drew about my I-clicker. I really need to print off Birthday Cards off for my calling. I'm part of the Compassionate Service Committee. My job is to make and put birthday cards on the doors of singles. I was suppose to do a few last week, but became too busy. Then, I have a visiting teaching appointment at four thirty on Tuesday. That gets in the way of my studying for stats. :( I hate getting stressed like this. School is my first priority. I think that if I took away school, I wouldn't be so stressed. It just that I'm not ahead anymore. I'm flipping out because I don't want to get behind. Then, all of this stuff is popping up taking away from my study time. It just doesn't help that I have Sarah who likes to distract me from things I need to do. She mainly likes to watch movies. When she does that, I get drawn to them and want to watch them too. I remember feeling stressed like this in high school. Well, hopefully I can go to bed somewhat on time so in the morning, I won't be stressed.

My neck is all sore from yesterday. It was killing me this morning. I iced it for 20 minutes today. I'll ask Roberto about it tomorrow because it may be sore because everything is out of place when everything popped. I don't know. All I know it's sore. We had a fire alarm at church today. So, I left ten minutes early. Sarah and Rebecka stayed behind because they needed to talk to Bishop.

Pablo, Dan, and Chuck sparred with the army guys after everyone else spar. They won against the army guys. It took Chuck two tries to win though. Pink and Tazz got to spar with them too. I wanted to too; however, Roberto didn't call on me to. I was disappointed. I could tell everyone who was watching was getting bored at this time because they were getting noisy. Sarah said afterwards she got bored too.

After everyone sparred, we lined up and the testing ended. Roberto said that everyone earned their belts what they were testing for. I thought that the testing was going to be harder and longer. I thought I was going to show some takedowns and sweeps like Nick did. Probably, that would have taken way too long for everyone to do it. The parents were getting bored anyways.

Afterwards, we took pictures as a group. Then, Sarah took a picture of me and Roberto. Sarah left and I stayed to talk more. I found out when Dan teaches the UVU club, he whacks them with a stick on their arms and sides. He said that not many people last that long because of that. I'll ask Roberto is that's necessary for BJJ. I know that in the quite a few years ago, Karateka did that too to toughen themselves especially doing Sanchin. Dan said that a blue belt in BJJ is equivalent to a black belt in other martial art systems. I have to ask Roberto about that one too. Dan said I need to relax more when I spar. He demonstrated that by having Tazz in my guard and then pressing on my stomach really hard. It was really uncomfortable and a little painful. He said that I need to look at him and relax my face because my eyes were closed and my face was scrunched up. In other words, he said to ignore the pain so I can focus on my technique.

I was the last one to leave like always. After eight, I went to Chuck's house to watch UFC 100. It was alright. Probably, I won't do that again because I thought it was a waste of my time and wasn't that much fun. I'm not into watching guys fight each other. However, I liked the match between Brock Lesnar and Frank Mir. Since WWE was my obsession for a year, I knew that Brock used to be in WWE. I was surprised that Brock beat Mir. His commentary was very vulgar after the fight. He even flipped everyone off. It was pretty bad. Mir's commentary was much better. Watching UFC is a guy's thing. Pease always talked about when it first started. Colman watches and keeps up with it. I remember on my mini-mission, the family who owned Time Out Pizza watched it too. My companion and I had to eat by ourselves because we couldn't watch TV.

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