Monday, July 27, 2009

My Future Husband

I've only had one boyfriend in my life and that was a couple years ago. I don't really date guys either because I don't put myself out there. I'm more of a traditional girl where I would like the guy to ask me out instead of the other way around. I know what I would like for my future husband though. First and far most, he needs to be strong in the church like me and have the same standards. He needs to be worthy so we can marry inside the temple. We need to be pretty alike to each other so he can understand where I'm coming from. My former boyfriend is the only person that I've met so far that who's has lots of things in common with me. It would be nice for me him to be kind of normal; however, I don't know if we'd be attracted to each other. I would love him to be funny and very smart. I expect him to have the same amount of education as me or higher. I would like it if he would be really interested in any kind of martial art. Probably, he'd have to have somewhat the same opinion about processed food and cooking like me. I'm on sort of the extreme side of things. For example, I avoid taking any kind of drugs.

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