Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Planning My Workouts

So, I'm really nervous about my yellow belt test on the 11th now. I thought I was on the team. However, I found out that I have to win two sparring matches. If I do that, I'll be invited on the team. I really thought I was on the team. I guess I'm not. I'm just nervous because I want to continue to go to class for three hours. He's going to split the times into a white to green belt class, then there's going to be a blue belt class too. I know that the team members will be able to go to blue belt class even if they are white belts. I asked Roberto if I can do anything extra to prepare me. He he said that I'm already doing extra things because I'm having nine hours of practice a week. I just want to continue my training just how it is. I just want those nine hours. I asked him who will I spar against. He said that he doesn't tell anyone that. I'm just really nervous because I almost always lose. The guys which I spar against are guys and just as big as me. Thus, they have more experience and are stronger than me. It takes me awhile for get to get a technique down.

Maybe, I'm just freaking out to much because I'm doing the best I can. I'm just wondering what I should do on my off days. I need to start counting calories again so I can lose more weight. I've been staying at 190. I need to get stronger. However, being technical is more important. I need to work on my heart rate because it sucks. What should I do??? Go swimming and work on push-ups and sit-ups?? Will I be disciplined enough to do that on my off days??? I think I will have enough time. I just need to not spend much time on the internet playing around like I did today. Sometimes, my e-mail doesn't help either because on some days, I receive like 15 e-mails.

So, I just talked to Sarah. She said that I need to start running for thirty minutes on my days off at least three days a week. I need to do four sets of 10 push-ups, the real ones. If I get tired, I need to rest up in the air. Between sets, I can only rest for a minute. I need to do four sets of 50 sit-ups too. I really want to get better because I feel really crappy. I know that my cardio, abs, and arms suck. I really need to be self disciplined with this. I have to make time to cook because lately, I've been more lenient. I've been eating crappy food more and more. I haven't been counting my calories either. That's why I've been more lenient.

Well if I start running, I need to fix my I-Pod and get some headphones because that really helps when running. When something upbeat is playing, I'm work myself harder because I push myself to keep up with the beat. Tomorrow, I'm going to run a six P.M. no matter what. I really hope that my love for BJJ can get me through this because I hate running. I remember in sixth grade, I started running a half a mile with my dad for basketball. At first, I sucked but I remember getting better and better. I just talked to dad. He said that the running that we did was erratic like all of his workouts.

I just finished my evening workout. I'm going to record everyday that I did this. I have to work on my push-ups because Sarah said that I cheated. The first ten, I put my butt to the ground pretty lightly. She says when I do that, I use my legs to go up because the weight is off my arms. My third and fourth set, I had to put a knee down because my arms were really burning. She said that I may have to four sets of five. In the last push-up, one must think that they are not going to make it but does. I can't even do a full sit-up without cheating. So, I have to do these crunches with my arms and feet flat on the floor. My arms just slides across the floor. My abs are really weak. Then, I did four sets of 50 with hip thrusts on my back for flipping people on my mount. I want to include that because I know that will help too.

One more thing, last night I bought some really tough band-aids and some medical tape. I bought the medical tape for my magnet because the tape it has one now is pretty dirty. I bought the wrong type of tape because it's too skinny. It was uncomfortable. I bought the band-aids because I have a mat-burn on my foot from last Saturday. I didn't cover it up on Monday, so it got worse and bled. Today, I put only the band-aid on because my sandal bothers it. Then, I replaced the band-aid and rapped the medical tape so it will hold in place. I wasn't sure if it will hold. During training, a little part came off, so I rapped another piece around my foot to make sure it will hold. It did!! I was proud of my handiwork. During training, I hurt both Cory's and Chuck groins. I didn't know what I was doing, but I was trying to defend from an armbar with Cory. I just sat on Chuck in a weird way when we were doing takedowns. Oh well.

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