Sunday, July 12, 2009


Well, I passed my test. I'm going to get my yellow belt on Monday. I'm so happy. Today was really good. For the testing, I bought eight dollars worth of soda pop. I bought Mountain Dew and Root Beer because it's I really like the more expensive kind of pop even though I had one of each. If the world was perfect, I wouldn't have bought them at all because they are so unhealthy. I helped Roberto set up the food and drinks. I saw his kids and met his wife. His son is so cute!!!! They only want to have two kids. I was sort of surprised because Mormons usually have lots of kids. However, Roberto's wife said that the babies head's are really big. She said it takes 30 to 40 days to recover from giving birth to a baby.

Dan was getting a nervous about fighting the army guys because they have experience in fighting. Dan was testing for his blue belt. Chuck was much better about it. Lots of people came, watched, and supported us which was cool. Sarah even came to watch. First, we did twenty five jumping jacks and real push-ups. Afterwards, we ran around the dojo. While running around, we did push-ups in between. I did real push-ups with almost all of them. We did some army crawling and shrimping for a short while in a circle too.

Then, we did sit-ups first for two minutes. When I was doing my usual crunches, the kid named Jackson who was right next to me say, "Hey, those aren't sit-ups!" I said, "Shut up". :) Probably, I shouldn't have said that, but I was concentrated on doing my crunches. I did 125. Afterwards, Sarah said that everyone was really cheating on the sit-ups because they were using their arms and butt. She said the adults where doing crunches like me. I didn't cheat and did them the way Sarah taught me how to do crunches. Once, I caught myself cheating by using my arms and quit right away. Afterwards, we did push-ups for two minutes. I was going to start on my knees. However, the army guys said I should start with real ones. So, I did. I didn't last that long. The army guys said it's easier to do push-ups while looking up. I noticed a difference at first. I have to try that again on Monday.

Then, all of us sparred. The kids went first. I sparred against Pink. I did really well against him. It was really nice that Roberto was coaching me through the fight too. He tied up my arms when we first started, so I tried shooting instead. I tried that because we worked on shooting last night. I knew that I wasn't going to do anything on top. I didn't work so well because he ended up on top. So, he was in side control. I listened to Roberto and rested. Whenever he tried something with his legs, I tried to shoot my hips in to get into guard. When he was in mount or half mount, I swept him. He almost got me with a choke. However, Roberto stopped us because we were right next to the wall. I got into his guard and continues. Then, we ended up standing again. He tied up the top my covering my head with my gi. I didn't like that. So, I shot again and this time it worked. Everyone started clapping. It was really cool. Somehow, he got into side control again. One moment, I couldn't breathe because he was on my chest. That subsided though. I hate that feeling because one doesn't want to tap out for not getting enough air. He finally got me with an armbar. I tried to hard to fight it.

My second match went was pretty short because I went against Tazz. He caught me in a triangle choke. I tried to get out of it my standing up while Tazz pulled down on my head. While he did that, I felt and heard all the bones in my neck pop. Now, my neck is all sore. I would write a little more about testing. However, I need to go to bed because it's four in the morning. I'll probably write about it tomorrow.


Alexandra Smith said...

Great Job Lizzie! I'm glad you achieved your goal! keep working hard!

Lizzie said...

Thanks Alex!!